Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Discovery For Sore, Tight Muscles

My dad ran the 10k at RunDisney this year, raising money for Children With Diabetes. While we were nervous for him (he is NOT a runner), he finished it and we were all really proud of him.

At RunDisney, there is a HUGE exposition hall, with all sorts of gear for runners and athletes. The first station I stopped at was The Stick. I saw a guy sitting down basically getting a foot massage with this rolling thing. So naturally, I stopped and ask what this thing was. The kind woman working at the booth showed me how it works, as she rolled it over my calves, my back, my neck...

And it was love at first sight. With Stiff Person Syndrome, certain muscles of mine feel tight a lot of the time. And this magical stick just felt like heaven when I rolled it on those tight spots.

I’ve continued to use it (click this link to see mine) over the last month and  it rarely fails to feel good. I know a lot of people use foam rollers, but I was shocked that I had never heard of this, or seen The Stick on any gift lists for people with chronic illnesses! Because well... what a discovery!

They also were kind enough to provide me with one of their Trigger Wheel. This can feel so good on people who get chronic headaches like I do.

They wanted me to really test them out before writing about them, but my viewpoint stands the same; it never fails to feel good. No side effects, no catches, and absolutely worth the price. As a matter of fact, my mom makes me share it with her and I find her coming into my room all the time asking where it is! Your own personal massager that can reach everywhere. That’s how I see it, even though it can be so much more, especially for athletes. But from a chronic illness standpoint, it provides some relief and sometimes that’s all we can hope for.

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