Thursday, March 22, 2018

Decorating Diabetes

I’m going to jump right into this. Now let’s talk stickers, because you know I love my stickers! I don’t think I could go for long leaving my devices ‘undressed'.


I'm going to start off with one that's not mine, it's my mom's. It's a custom Dexcom sticker from Pump Peelz,  And Big is looking pretty snazzy if I do say so myself. (YES YOU CAN PUT YOUR PET ON YOUR DEVICES)

We'll continue with some of the stickers that I myself got from Pump Peelz over the last year or so.

My amazing Christmas stickers.

A custom Peelz I made.

Pump Peelz courtesy of Beyond Type 1 featuring 'The Drop'.

Some shiny Christmas Peelz for my Bayer Contour Next. 

Pump Peelz in 'Ikat'.

These next stickers are from all the way from Germany, from a website called Pep Me Up.

'Cat' sticker, which I'm currently wearing.

'Cactus' sticker.

'Flower Power' sticker.

'Flower Power'screen protector'


My Myabetic Banting Wallet in 'Paradise Blue'.

My latest addition, Myabetic Banting Wallet in Lavender.

My Myabetic Brandy backpack in Copper. (Big is a Myabetic fan)

My 'but first, insulin' case from Casualty Girl.

A gold case from Chapters/Indigo.

I hope this gave some of you a little inspiration for you owns supplies!


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