Saturday, October 29, 2016

Lauren's Hope Medical ID Bracelet - A Review

I am so excited about my new medical ID bracelet I just received from Lauren's Hope. Choosing one was practically impossible and took me days because there are so many gorgeous options. My struggle was choosing between the pretty rose gold choices and the classic silver ones. I couldn't decide whether I wanted a pink themed bracelet or a blue themed bracelet and spent far too long making a decision since decisions are admittedly not my strong suit.

In the end, I decided that since winter is upon us I'd get a wintery looking bracelet. I went with the Alice Bracelet, which is silver with gorgeous strands of white and grey beads. A cool feature of this site is that you can choose a custom tag to add to your bracelet. I chose this geometric turquoise design and am so pleased with how it came out. They ask for a snug measurement of your wrist and size it perfectly. Not only is it stunning, the engraving on the back is solid and easy to read. My bracelet also kind of reminds me of Elsa from Frozen, which of course makes me happy.

There are a couple of things I'd like to say about Lauren's Hope Medical ID Jewelry.

First, I have seen many medical ID bracelets on Etsy and elsewhere, and what stopped me from purchasing one of those was that they just didn't look like Medical ID bracelets. They were very appealing, but they looked like they'd blend in with all the rest of your jewelry, and if a paramedic were to look for an ID bracelet, I wasn't sure that they would even notice it. At Lauren's Hope, they've managed to keep the large medic alert tag and still make it so beautifully dainty and pretty. But with this one, I know it will be obvious to any medical personnel that it's a medic alert bracelet.

Second, there is a genius feature to these bracelets. There are clasps on both sides of the tag. This makes it easy for a lefty or a righty to put it on! It also makes it possible for you to mix and match, and switch around either the bracelet, or the tag, if you need a new one due to updated information.

All in all I can say I'm in love with my bracelet and would highly recommend Lauren's Hope to anyone who should be wearing a medical alert bracelet.

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