Tuesday, December 29, 2020


WE MADE IT! The year that everyone will remember for mostly not the greatest reasons has come to an end. Getting through 2020 is one thing, but getting through 2020 and walking the life or death tightrope of diabetes the same time? Now some would say that takes some serious talent.

It might seem silly but when you really think about it, look at everything you made it through. Diabetes is challenging in the easiest of times, and we all know how many factors can affect our blood sugars. Getting more activity or getting less activity. Getting too little sleep or too much. Eating more or less than usual. Freedom and options to choose from to best manage your blood sugars or restrictions and less options, when you're forced to manage it any way you can. Emotional factors like stress, anger, or excitement. It all affects our blood sugar, and this year was full of it.

Proud of all of you and all the strength this year took, even maybe you didn’t realize it. You did a really good job keeping yourself alive during some really uncertain times. And if you're the parent of a kid with diabetes, then you did a really good job keeping another human alive during some really uncertain times. I hope you can take this moment to give yourself the credit you deserve.


  1. Michelle, not yet. We still have 30 hours until 2021. Call me in 20 days and 30 hours then we will seeif we really made it. :)

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