Wednesday, December 27, 2017

What People With T1D Want In 2018

I went on the Beyond Type 1 App and asked my fellow Type 1s and their famlies what they want to see more of in 2018 for Diabetes. I started with a few of my favorite answers, and then went into sections, because there are some things a lot of people can agree about!

I would love an insulin pump that can be used by blind people. I really want to start pump therapy, but I can’t at the moment due to lack of accessibility. -DJTI

Less diabetes jokes and cheaper care. - Walter Kohler

Less expensive supplies and insulin. Restaurants that put carb info on menus like they do for calories. - Jim DeTore

I am hoping to educate the public about LADA Type 1. I believe there are more adults out there with Type 1 who are misdiagnosed each year. One of my fellow colleagues since my diagnosis found an 88 year old patient with out of control type 2 had been misdiagnosed for YEARS- all because the proper testing was not completed. And, of course, a cure would be nice!!! - Moya Cook

More emphasis on alternative modalities like yoga, breathing, and mindfulness to support people living with T1D. - Rachel Zinman

Easier access to medications, and service dogs! I have had several seizures caused by low blood sugars which happen so often for me I lose the ability to feel when my sugars drop; a service dog would be a HUGE help for me but they are $15,000 and no one has that kind of money. Insulin also currently costs me $500 a month! It’s such an expensive illness! - Jessica Flynn

Better healthcare coverage for insulin and supplies here in the US. And hopefully less expensive insulin as it was some years ago (although very very VERY unlikely) - Stephanie Chaparro

Better healthcare and less cost. - Robb Barth

US here — hoping that accessibility to supplies with greater insurance coverage in 2018. The expense even with insurance is heinous! - Alyssa Black

Cheaper insulin and supplies!!! I don’t work right now and the only reason I was able to have my stuff when my insurance got cut off was because I had left overs. The pharmaceutical companies in this country are greedy aholes!! - Indiana Monterrey

We shouldn’t pay for insulin period. - Kenton Samuel

The government in ON Canada needs to cover more Type 1 supplies instead of only giving us 600 for every three months. - Debbie Lewin

In 2018 I would like to see us type 1 diabetics to be able to afford our supplies weather we can afford them and food for our families. Also for Heath insurance to cover our supplies when we need them and not have high deductible. For health insurance employees to understand how stressful it is to get our supplies when we have to decide to get our supplies or put food on our table. For better endocrinologist.- April Black


A much greater understanding about type one for people without type one. - Troy Sandy

i am hoping that more advocacy happens. more people in books and movies for people to see with real info, more kids taking action and spreading awareness, and health insurance for all. - Ayla Kanow

I wish it was talked about more. You see all these commercials advertising insulin and pills for “diabetics” but 100% of it is for T2D. Every time the public or the media talks about diabetics it’s for T2’s. Let’s get them talking about T1D! - Iesha Meza

Definitely free or more affordable programs for insulin/supplies, more schools educating children to know the symptoms of type 1 and also know the difference between type 1 and 2, and more convenient less painful CGMs 💙 - Erica Ratcliff

Greater understanding from medical support staff, such as GP receptionists, of the variability of managing Type 1.- Becky Vause

Awareness that adults with type 1 diabetes still need help and access to technology such as CGMs/libres.- Clare Hutchins

More support better understanding from employers and medical services help with financial needs as a lot of us struggle each month. - Julie Ann Lyons
For all big companies to have training about diabetes even type 2. Where I work no one understands it as nobody has worked there. Surly all managers in all companies should not at least a little bit about low and high bloods.- Kelly Carter

Increased understanding of how difficult walking this tightrope is ... - Patt Keith

I'm wanting more awareness for us.- Danni Hutchison

And there you have it. The people have spoken. What changes do YOU want to see for us in 2018?

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