Friday, November 24, 2017

Just Another Chronic Illness Gift Guide 2017

I know there are about 1000 of these spread around the internet, but here are some things that I've enjoyed over the year that I think would make great gifts for people who are chronically ill! 

 Lap Desk

My lap desk is one of my favorite things I own! Writing on a soft surface is probably high up on my list of pet peeves, and I love writing snail mail, whether it's part of Beyond Type 1's snail mail club, or just pen pals I've met through Instagram. This isn't the one I have,  but it is from the same place, which is

iPhone Fan

This lil fella right here has been a savior to me in the summer on hot days, on indoors when the heat is on. I used to deal with overheating constantly, so having this little thing to just plug into my phone was magical.


 Heated Blanket

On the opposite side of the spectrum, we've got heated blankets. Remember when you were younger and your parents did a wash, and when the clothes and towels came out of the dryer you just wanted to be smothered by them because they were so warm and soothing? Well, basically that's this blanket.

 Lauren's Hope Medical ID

I don't know anyone with a chronic illness who wouldn't love to get a cute upgrade to their medic alert bracelet. These are so important to wear for so many conditions, and Lauren's Hope makes them look beautiful without making it look like it's not medical alert bracelet.

 A Plush Organ

Because who doesn't want a cute stuffed animal of their body part that doesn't work? I have to admit, I have the pancreas. My mom got it for me and it puts such a smile on my face. Next on my personal list: the brain.

Cute Heating Pads (or cooling)
If you sent me on a treasure hunt in the mall for cute heating pad, you'd never see me again. They're all so plain and boring and ugly these days. In this little Etsy shop, Amy sells these corn bags, which can be heating or cooled, with pretty designs and soft fabrics. They come in multiple sizes to cater to your needs. .

 A Donation

This gift would put a huge smile on my face. If your friend or family member is passionate about a specific cause, a donation in their name has the potential to be one of the most special gifts they could receive. Especially if it's going toward research for a cure for their illness!

Gratitude Journal

This is the exact one minute gratitude journal I bought from Amazon. Life with chronic illness is tough, and it's important that even on those down days, you try to remember a few of the things, people, or places that put a smile on your face. I personally like to do this before I go to bed. It's so quick, and I go to sleep in peace thinking of the things that make me happy.

Empathy Cards

The first time I saw these cards I had such a laugh. If your friend has been told kale can cure his/her lifelong disease, these cards are for them, and they'll definitely get a laugh and appreciate them. 

 Chair Massage Cushion

This right here is on my own personal wish list. I really want a giant massage chair, but this is cool too.  

 Fun Pill Box

This is the exact one I have from my favorite store. It's not the only place they sell them though! I just happen to find this one really cute. They don't fit a lot but they're good to carry your PRNs in! 

 Slipper Socks

Never EVER underestimate the power of a good, cozy pair of socks. There was a time we would all complain when we got socks for the holidays, but those days are gone. Don't you feel cozy just looking at these?

And that concludes my little gift guide. I hope maybe it gave someone some ideas!

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