Saturday, October 14, 2017

Week 1 With My FreeStyle Libre

I decided to do a little log of my first week with my FreeStyle Libre trial kit. Knowing my skin is super sensitive and I react to most adhesives, I was nervous, but hopeful! Here's how it went.

Freestyle Libre Day 1:
Skin feels fine. Not itchy at all, barely notice it.

Day 2:
Pretty sure I really like this thing.

Day 3:
I'm finding that it's a little bit off, my actual BG when I test is usually about 1 mmol higher than my Libre says. But I find I can trust the arrows. They've been accurate and they're making a difference for me.. I mean.. it's so cool knowing if your blood sugar is going up or down or shooting up or shooting down. Mind blown.

Day 4:
I almost ripped off my sensor taking shirt off yesterday. There had to be a first time. It is such a weird feeling knowing what my blood sugar's doing all the time. Before I was on the dark.. I mean.. all I knew was the number when I tested. Now I can see it's stable, I can go nap without worrying that I'm going low.. technology is cool.

Day 5:
Finding it pretty generally accurate. For example, scanned this afternoon at 6.4 and straight arrow, but I felt like I was going low. Guess I was wrong because I scanned again half an hour later and it was 6.2. I am slowly giving this thing my trust.

Day 6:
Magically it's still not irritating my skin, and I'm kind of in love with it. I've noticed the sides of the adhesive are starting to peel up a tiny bit. Still trying to adjust to knowing whether my blood sugar is going up and down and how to compensate for it. Still haven't been asked what it is by any strangers, or if I'm trying to stop smoking.

Day 7:
It wins. Freestyle Libre wins. Only 1/4 of the way through my starter kit and I'm decided. I feel lucky to be able to have it. My skin still has no irritation. Like I said another day, the arrows are always right! The numbers might be a mmol off, but it's never too off. Sometimes it's off my 0.1 mmol/L! Showed it to my nurse today at my saline infusion and she thought it was the coolest thing ever. I still think it is too.

In conclusion: It's a keeper. As someone who is way behind and uses syringes (not even pens) for my insulin, this is my first real piece of Diabetes technology and I couldn't feel luckier to have it.


  1. I love this system Freestyle libre. It had saved my grand paa's life. Here I would like to share about my Grand Paa's experience with FSL. He is T1D for last 48 years and was frustrated with the all of sudden hypos. Then via social media I got to know and gather info about FSL which is best to keep an eye on BG Values. It made his life easier and he is quite happy about it. He is now able to manage his diet though. Later after a month I came to know about another device which added a chary on cake. Now he is using a FSL with Ambrosia's BluCon NightRider. It allows me to follow my Grand Paa's reading too. We both can get high and low alerts. It had made the FSL a full CGM device where in he sends BG Values to our mobile and watch every 5 mins even without scanning his sensor. Me and my Grand Paa's physician can get his readings from any distance. Now we both are extremely happy.

  2. I am diabetic for the last 10 years, and a few couples of months back, I purchased Nightrider BluCon to monitor and manage my blood glucose level. The device sends my recordings to my phone (on the LinkBluCon app installed on my phone) and even alerts me when my readings are not within the target zone. The device has provided me the best way to manage my diabetic issues