Saturday, September 9, 2017

Well Wishes to Florida

I had a blog to post today but I decided to postpone it and just send all my best wishes to those in the path of Hurricane Irma. It just feels wrong to think of anything else. 

For those with chronic illnesses, there are so many variables that can cause issues and there is so much preparing to be done. 

Earlier today, my friend Ashlyn posted this.

"Preparing for a hurricane with T1D is a whole different ball game. As of now, we are riding out the storm at home, but we decided to pack valuables in case we get put under mandatory evacuation. My first priority had to be diabetes supplies. 3 months of insulin pumps, Dexcom sensors, 5 vials of Novalog, 5 Lantus pens, over 1000 test strips, pen needles, syringes, ketone strips, PDM (pump remote)... the list of what it takes to keep myself alive goes on. If our house and belongings were to be seriously damaged, without salvaging what is in this suitcase, I wouldn't not be able to survive. Please keep everyone in this storm's path in your prayers, especially those living with life threatening medical conditions having to evacuate. FL T1D friends, PLEASE pack up your supplies, just in case. You do not want to be stuck in a shelter somewhere wondering if you have enough insulin to make it."

Her words say everything. All my thoughts over the next days will be with her, who is currently evacuating, and to everyone else in the wake of this. I'm wishing for your safety, for your health, and for your homes.

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