Tuesday, June 28, 2016

All About Big

This is a special blog post. It's special because we're going to be talking about the most special thing in my life... My rescue cat sidekick, Big! Now I call him my sidekick for good reason. Things get pretty lonely when you're chronically ill, home most of the time, and out of school and work. Big tends to follow me around everywhere. I like it that way. I've always been an animal person, but my mother has not. I begged for a pet for years. About 17 or so actually. It seemed pretty hopeless. But somehow, someway, I convinced my mom to let me get a cat at the age of 20. I went to the SPCA with my grandmother to look at the cats. There was a litter of kittens and I thought they were all cute. 4 of them were all tabby and one of them was white and tabby. Right away my grandmother thought that the white and tabby one was the cutest. We went toward the cage and he lifted his chin against it wanting rubs. And when we rubbed his chin he closed his eyes in complete pleasure. I will never forget the day I took Big home. It was meant to be. 

Facts about Big:

- We adopted Big from the SPCA in November 2012. 
- He was 2 months old when we adopted him.
- His litter was found with their mother in a box on the street. 
- His foster dad kept calling him "Big guy" and that's how we gave him his name. It just suited him so much. He was so tiny. 
- We don't know his exact birthday so we estimated it September 1st, 2012. 
- In case you don't feel like doing the math, he's 3 years old now. 
- He has green eyes and his fur is tabby and white. I always thought he looked like a little white tiger when he was a kitten. 
- He is the biggest scaredy cat. Everything scares him. Sudden noises, vacuums, trucks driving by, tinfoil, balloons, certain strangers, the doorbell. Sometimes I really think the term scaredy cat could have been coined from him. 
- He loves his cuddles (but only from certain people). He especially loves his cuddles with me which obviously I love. He kneads my belly for ages and then plops down on my chest with his butt in my face and then eventually I turn him around! This is our daily routine. 
- He has a very dainty meow. It is not what I would call manly. It's very small and high pitched. I think it's pretty cute. 
- His favorite toys are ones he can pick up with his mouth and kick around like a soccer ball. Little pom poms, springs, and tiny little mice. 
- His nicknames are Biggie, Bigaloo, Bug, Big Bug, Buggy, Mr. Big and the list will surely go on. 
- At around 10pm is his time to go wild and gallop around the house like a horse. 
- He gets annoyed when I take pictures of him. How does he know?! I do it anyway. 
- He loves treats. Especially Party Mix.
- He has a blue bed that he sleeps in every night and a blue blanket that he lays on and grooms every night while we watch TV. 
- He loves playing rough. But he knows that he's playing and doesn't take out his claws. 
- He usually waits by the door when we get home. 
- Words I know he understands that he actually responds to: "dinner" "blue blanket time" "are you hungry" "treat" "come on",  and his name. I also think he knows "present". 

So now you know a little bit more about Big. I could talk about him all day because he makes me so happy. I wish you could all meet him but for now I will just continue to flood you with pictures. And let's be real, if you're not one of the lucky ones, he would probably run away. I hope you enjoyed this slightly different blog post. I definitely enjoyed writing it! 


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