Friday, October 20, 2017

Dear Jimmy Kimmel, Here's the Problem

Dear Jimmy Kimmel,

A couple of days ago you posted a Diabetes joke. There's been an uproar within the Diabetes online community and everyone has different opinions. Many Type 1s are furious, while others think those people need to relax and just take it as it is, a joke. 

But this is where I stand. You did the wrong thing. If your average person makes a Diabetes joke, yeah, it'll irk me personally, but I can brush it off. However you are a different story. You are a huge public figure, with that comes a large responsibility. Your voice has enormous reach, and it can be used for good, and for bad.

People with Type 1 Diabetes already have to live with the stigma that we got it because we ate too much cake, or that being overweight caused it. In reality, it's an autoimmune disease that can be deathly, and I know so many brave children who take needle after needle because they have no choice. These kids are growing up in a society where public figures, such as yourself, are making fun of their disease. The disease that takes over their whole life. The disease that can kill them. The disease that keeps their mothers and fathers up every night to make sure they're alive and okay. 

So yes, I think the majority of us can brush off a Diabetes joke. But when it's coming from you, it is spreading this stigma like wildfire. It is hurting children with Type 1 all around the world who will now have other kids making fun of them in school because they think it's okay to joke about it. 

All the people around the world who watch your show and don't know much about Diabetes, now have the perception that it's caused by sugar. When you can be using your voice to bring awareness to these kids all around the world who did not get Diabetes from eating too much cake. They did not get it from being overweight. Their own immune system attacked their pancreas, and now if one of their insulin doses is incorrect, they can die. 

So please, keep this in mind in the future. I think you're hilarious and I love your show. I know you have a son who is fighting his own health battles. Please try to learn a little bit more about Type 1 Diabetes, and with that information, do what you want. But as a viewer of your show and a Type 1 Diabetic, it was just disappointing to see the joke coming from you. Especially considering you're the parent of a child with a chronic condition. 


  1. Fantastic job let's hope he sees it along with others. Those that are public figures with t1d need to come forward and take a stance for all others affected by this life threatening condition.