Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Life Lately

So 4 years in and… we’re still looking for a solid diagnosis. It does get tiring. And there are so many nights where I feel like giving up. But I know I have to keep fighting for answers. Sometimes we’ll get an unexpected clue. And you never know when that clue will lead to a discovery.

I’ve been fighting some sort of virus for the past week, but prior to that I was dealing with some serious fatigue. I always have had extreme fatigue, but the past couple of weeks, I’ve just been so drained of energy. I also had a bladder flare up and went into retention. I was taught to self-catheterize about a year ago, but I’ve tried time and time again and failed. Some sort of wave of determination came over me, and I finally successfully did it. It was a proud moment (though I’m annoyed with my bladder), and it’s a relief to know that now we won’t have to go to the ER for this. My mobility isn’t great but isn’t at an all time low. My tremor has been a bit more bothersome than usual lately, maybe because I’ve been using my hands a lot to type or paint. I’ve been continuing with rehabilitation at Constance Lethbridge even though I had to miss this week because I wasn’t doing well. I’ll just have to work doubly as hard next week, though I felt so bad for having to cancel!

I recently went for blood tests which are still in-lab, and I’m waiting for a call for an MRI. Will these yield any answers? Who knows. I tend to be pessimistic at this point, which I know isn’t good, but I try to protect myself from disappointment. Luckily today I saw one of my doctors who actually has an interest in my case and is always caring and helpful, and that lifted my spirits.

I might be going to see a motility specialist in Ottawa who was recommended by a friend for my gastrointestinal issues. My doctor today wrote us the referral, so we’ll just have to figure out the logistics between Ontario and Quebec healthcare.

And that is all that's new in my world. Thanks for following along and supporting me through this long trek to answers,

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